Genki desu

(thats smile would be much welcomed before get ahead)
These days was like been abducted to an immensity desert that take earth and make rebound finally. 2010 resolution. No, not really. Happy welcome to 2011 peoples. Life's does those most the same much laziness at all time, sleeping is just simply mine best inceptions and orders. Well, Kal ma bro roused "monstrousystems" there's something now, build efforts dude I like your ways make me some cheeses stories at yours site.

(a little bee works perhaps)
Well, "Things to do before I'm still alive". Not bad, no bad..Japanese classes for the time long ago affirmation that kept dragging behind year goes to year eventually I'm making a part to it. Half courses went through and the scent of "real man funds" is besieging on my head. Pretty I can make smile when the results are out. Work some, stop while thats a part too. Hope every its all meet to the nines.

In 90's, time of J-series. I can't say something better then it anymore, listening back to the both melodies, the flavorsome

Beachboys and Long Vacation.

Long Vacation

A decade year gone through, thing has never change but only who decided to make it does. Forever when the age who had chosen to it behaviour and it will never goes difference with others. R.I.P Uncle Chuah in virtue of. Stay strong it's making in front, your rest need dependence to be with. Take good care my bro, life goes on.

Melodies playing and also mood of mine right away vacation trip after few days to flights. To meet it eat, pray, love :)

Ja. A kemashite omedetou gozaimasu ;)


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